Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cleansing Basics: Products That Help Support Everyday Cleansing Part 3/3

The spring 2012 issue of dōTERRA Living Magazine featured this article by Dr. David K. Hill, dōTERRA’s Chief Medical Officer, in which he details 3 ways you can support natural daily cleansing in the body. Here is a summary of those steps:
Step 1: Reduce Exposure
Complete elimination of toxins in the body is virtually impossible. However, there are simple ways to reduce the everyday toxic load the body is exposed to, beginning by taking a healthier approach to your lifestyle and making choices that will decrease your exposure to toxins.
One of these ways is simple enough, but can have a huge impact. Replacing many household cleaners with natural essential oil cleaners is a great first step to reducing your toxic load. Click here to view our cleaning cabinet makeover for ideas. Another way could be by eating unprocessed food and natural products enhanced with essential oils instead of eating the more traditional processed food options.
Step 2: Specific Daily Nutritional Support
Most do not realize the supporting role nutrients play in our metabolic activity. Maintaining daily nutrition is not only essential to our health, it also provides a gentle way to give core support to the cleansing organs.
You can support your body with daily nutrition through antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, enzymes, and probiotics. Antioxidants prevent damage to our cells caused by oxidation and also significantly decrease the damaging effects of free radicals on normal physiological function. Everyday foods that are high in antioxidants include berries, beans, fruits, nuts, grains, and yes, even dark chocolate. Alpha CRS (found in the Lifelong Vitality pack) is a concentrated formulation of powerful antioxidants needed to counteract the harmful effect free radicals have on the body.
Essential fatty acids (commonly known as Omega 3 or 6) help maintain your support tissue and the normal physiology of the body. When we cleanse, our organs rely of essential fatty acids for additional support and protection. Dr. Hill recommends xEO Mega to help us receive the needed amount of fatty acids essential for our bodies. (This product can be found in the Lifelong Vitality pack).
We all know that vitamins and minerals are nutrients our bodies need. Vitamins assist enzymes in releasing energy needed for cleansing the body from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. They also help manage the body’s balance and make sure that each system in our body receives what it needs in order to perform properly. Microplex VMz provides bioavailable vitamins and minerals to our bodies that are often deficient in our modern diets. (This product can be found in the Lifelong Vitality pack).
Enzymes are also necessary for our body to function. Enzymes help digest our food, provide metabolic activity, and help enhance vitamin and mineral activity for direct support in cleansing the organs. TerraZyme Digestive Enzyme Complex is an effective and complete formulation of the needed enzymes to support healthy nutritional and metabolic activity.
In our previous post we learned how probiotics help cleanse our bodies and are key to having a healthy intestinal tract, that not only improves immunity, but can also improve our access to nutrition. PB Assist+ provides a unique active source of healthy flora for a healthy intestinal tract.
Step 3: Focused Nutrition for Cleansing Organs
Aside from the core nutritional elements mentioned above, it is wise to add additional ways to cleanse organs. Zendocrine does exactly that. It targets and supports the body’s major cleansing organs, and depending on your individual needs, can be used for periodic or daily use.
There are many benefits that can be received through proper daily cleansing. Providing your body with all it needs nutritionally to support this important function is essential to your health. Also, it is important to know our body’s limits and improving nutritional support is something everyone should consider when cleansing. Daily nutritional cleansing is the best approach for most people because it is safe and effective without the challenges and unwanted side effects associated with more aggressive cleansing methods.

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