Thursday, May 9, 2013

Say Happy Birthday with these dōTERRA Inspired Gift Giving Ideas

A birthday should be filled with luxuries, surprises, and of course dōTERRA essential oils. This birthday basket is filled with wonderful gift giving ideas using essential oils. Follow the tips below to provide a luxurious birthday surprise for anyone in your life.
Note: These gift giving ideas would also be great for Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, Special Occasions, etc.
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All DIY items in the gift basket have step-by-step tutorials on this blog. Click on the item list to view each tutorial.
This Basket Includes:
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Homemade Cordless Heating Pad
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Deep Hair Conditioner
Citrus Bliss Sugar Scrub
Lavender Epsom Bath Salts
Fast-Fizzing Bath Bombs
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Variety of essential oils and dōTERRA Spa Products:
Lip Balm: Item No. 3619
Healing Hands Lotion: Item No. 3617
Serenity Calming Bath Bar: Item No. 3614
Citrus Bliss Essential Oil: Item No. 3102
Lavender Essential Oil: Item No. 3011
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Assorted Accessories:
Could Also Include:
Aromatherapy Jewelry
Salon Essential Hair Care System: Item No. 3628
Other Recommended Ideas:
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Family Physical Kit: Item No. 3279
Introductory Kit: Item No. 3218
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dōTERRA essential oils can be purchased online, or from Independent Product Consultant